Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tired of lugging your own luggage?

Can it really be called luggage if you don’t, well, lug it?  Anyway, a company called Live Luggage in the UK has created a self-propelled, re-chargeable piece of luggage according to this post on Luxist (think self-propelled lawn mower).  Cost is estimated at about $750 US.

I’d like to see someone supercharge the motor and for people to do races.

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Anonymous said...

Ross, I'm the guy behind this idea so hi and interesting enough had an engineering meeting this morning with our UK design engineers.We have designed loads of extras into this product, including tiny gyroscope in the handle small LED's that are a great safety feature plus some nice surprises, but like all engineers the prototypes have been tuned up into a truly race mode model for fun, but the production will have to be a sensible speed, like taking the dog for a walk. Finally just to remind everyone how crazy it is, let me ask you,who would now drive a motor car without power steering? Exactly cheers and we will keep you posted All the best Clive