Friday, April 08, 2005

Sharing music is cultural

According to this post on TechDirt:

Wired Magazine is running a piece from a Sonic Youth member talking about the importance of shared mix tapes in his life, and how it's a cultural thing that has nothing to do with "stealing," but it's more about the music and what it means to people. "Once again, we're being told that home taping (in the form of ripping and burning) is killing music. But it's not: It simply exists as a nod to the true love and ego involved in sharing music with friends and lovers. Trying to control music sharing - by shutting down P2P sites or MP3 blogs or BitTorrent or whatever other technology comes along - is like trying to control an affair of the heart. Nothing will stop it.

Can’t un-ring the bell; the question is whether or not there is still time for the MPAA to figure it out — I had to sit through a ridiculous amount of FBI anti-piracy warnings on a DVD I just bought before I could watch it (hint: I don’t think that’s the real answer).

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