Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Got the title of the post from Dr. Drew on Love Line, but it seems to be the best word to describe this post on Boing Boing; check it out:

The MPA and IFPI (international versions of the MPAA and RIAA, respectively), has produced a report describing the code of conduct they'd like ISPs to embrace:

  •  remove references and links to sites or services that do not respect the copyrights of rights holders.
  • require subscribers to consent in advance to the disclosure of their identity in response to a reasonable complaint of intellectual property infringement by an established right holder defence organisation or by right holder(s) whose intellectual property is being infringed
  • terminate contracts of recidivist
  • implement instant messaging to communicate with infringers
  • implement filtering technologies to block sites that are 'substantially dedicated to illegal file sharing or download services.
  • voluntarily store data for copyright enforcement...
  • To enforce terms of service that prohibit a subscriber from operating a server, or from consuming excessive amounts of bandwidth where such consumption is a good indicator of infringing activities.

Give me a break.  It’s amazing that they actually think ISPs would do this.  Perhaps they are just using this to set up a forthcoming lawsuit.

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