Monday, April 25, 2005


My trash didn’t get picked up on Friday and by the time I got home and realized it, the trash company was closed until Monday morning.  I called when I woke up, navigated the phone tree, and finally got a live person — I told her my trash hadn’t been picked up, so she proceeded to ask the following:

  • What time did you put the trash out on Friday?  I replied that I had put it out on Thursday night.
  • Were the trashcans obstructed?  I replied that they had been left out on the curb and the my wife thought she had seen the garbage truck go by the house without stopping.

Apparently I gave the right answers to my pop mini quiz and was instructed to put the trash out again so they could pick it up today.  Here’s the thing: I pay for a service to happen on a certain day; it even says the day of pickup on my bill.  If I were to simply neglect to pay the bill to the trash company, wait until a collector called, and then told them to send me out another bill, I don’t think that they would be very understanding because they had done everything correctly to invoice me.

Frustrating, but I’m sure it will get picked up today.

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