Saturday, April 02, 2005

iPod camera connector reviewed

This post on Engadget links through to this review of the iPod Camera Connector on iPodLounge; highlights from the review:

  • The iPod Camera Connector is not supported for use with older iPods. Only the iPod photo is supported, despite earlier hopes that older generation iPods might be able to use the connector.
  • External media readers will be supported for use with the device. In addition to being able to hook up directly to your camera via USB, you can also hook in any supported media reader and suck down photos from card-based media.
  • The USB port on the connector is a low power port, and can’t be used to charge other iPods.
  • Interestingly: “While an iPod photo with an attached iPod Camera Connector may recognize another iPod if you connect it, transferring photos from one iPod to another is not supported.”

The last bullet is the most intriguing because if someone were able to figure out how to transfer photos via the camera connector from iPod to iPod, then really people should also be able to transfer any data from iPod to iPod via the camera connector, which is much better than this solution.

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