Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Centennial airport upgrade

According to this post on Luxist, a new company is going to open what’s called a Xjet facility at Centennial airport in Colorado.  The post describes the Xjet facility as:

The Xjet club will be like a yacht club for the jet set.  The 16,000-square-foot clubhouse will include massage rooms, showers and a five-star restaurant.  The club will offer travel planning as well as jet maintenance and backup crews.  The company is aimed at plane owners but will also offer flight services.  The club will also have three hangars.

I certainly am not in a position to make use of the facility, but since it’s close to where I work and live, I figured that I would do a quick post about it.


Anonymous said...

I heard of this new concept here in Denver the other morning in the Rocky. It certainly sounds like a terrific idea! I know jet owners that constantly complain about lack of storage, service, lost time due to planning/scheduling, etc. Sounds like XJET takes a big step forward in solving these problems. The only thing is, I heard it is very exclusive - only about 50 total members or so. That, and the fact that a five-star restaurant open to the public is included in the facility. Wow! This certainly sounds like a tremendous offering for the Denver economy.

Anonymous said...

X Jet is a great idea for those who require the extras. I noticed a small Citation operation out of FTG: Partner Aircraft, flying CE-550's. Doing something very similar. They apparently are getting additional Citations next month.

Anonymous said...

Let me sound a contrarian note. As someone who is in the aviation business I can honestly say that this plan is fundementally flawed. The brutal competition for fuel sales at APA will not allow XJet to use "buying power" to significantly reduce the cost. The hangar rental will not be any cheaper than any other hangar on Centennial Airport and they have the additional overhead of a fine art museum and massage parlour. Needless to say, this will be more expensive for the owner than less expensive.
The other selling point: Shared aircraft and chartering out is already provided by IJA and Mayo aviation right on the field! This is not a new idea. It simply a rehash of old business concepts with extra foam. Don't fall for it, don't invest.