Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Check out InterCasting

InterCasting is run by one of my good friends, Shawn Conahan, who serves as founder, Chairman, and CEO.  You can read what Shawn has personally to say about user-generated mobile media in their blog.  What’s Intercasting all about?  Just to get you interested, here’s a little blurb:

In the always-on, always-with-you mobile world, media is interactive, ordinary people create it and location matters. The value of a channel is determined by how many meaningful connections it makes. We call it InterCasting.

The mobile phone is evolving into a media production and consumption device. Hardly a “phone” anymore, it is a Personal Media Device (PMD). In a few years there will be over a billion people walking around with the equivalent of a radio station, film studio and broadcast network in their pockets, and our definition of “media” is going to change dramatically.

Pretty cool stuff.

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