Friday, December 02, 2005

Doxa watches update

It has come to my attention that this post I wrote about my experience with Doxa watches is causing some of you that read it to choose not to purchase a watch from the Doxa online site. I realize that Doxa is a small, family-run business and it was never my intention to cost this company thousands of dollars in lost sales.

From information that I have found on the internet, it appears that Doxa has fixed shipping problems and is now getting watch orders made on their site turned around in 48 hours. Additionally, here are comments that were made on my original post from actual purchasers:

At 10:47 AM, skindiver1 said...
I do not represent DOXA and I am not affiliated in any mean.

This company manufactures fine timepieces and thay have one of the most friendly customer service I had to deal with in the past years in the watch business.

I know that they had delivery problems in April when the movie Sahara hit the theatres because Matthew Mccaugnahey wears a DOXA in the movie. It is a small company with a lot of history and pedigree and they were not prepared for this US success

buy with confidence from those guys, they are one of the best in the business

my 2 cents

And another:

At 3:36 PM, kindagood said...
I ordered my first orange face DOXA on November 25th and received it today, this is 4 days from order entry from Switzerland to Dallas, TX

Very straight forward, no hassles and the watch is everything that I wanted and more. I think DOXA were just not ready for the big bang made by a Hollywood movie, Now I understand why they were oversold for weeks after I received so many compliements on this orange beauty.

Cool watch, cool company


And another satisfied customer echoing the comment above:

At 4:26 PM, rosenberg1 said...
Same here, super fast smooth transaction, perfect service and finally but most important a stunning timepiece

victor Rosenberg

I think it’s important for all of us that blog to realize that search engines really like live content and that posts can show up very high in results. If you search “doxa watches” on Google, you may find that my original post about my bad experience with Doxa sometimes shows up in the top 10 results. For all of you that are intending to purchase a Doxa watch, I think it is important that you bear the following in mind:

  • My post was a story about a single order.
  • I placed my order for the Doxa 600T back when the movie Sahara was first coming out, and my understanding is that Doxa was simply overwhelmed with orders.
  • Read the posts above from people that have ordered Doxas more recently and had a great experience.
  • Check out the Doxa forum at There you can interact directly with Rick Marei, VP of Marketing for Doxa and ask any questions that you might have of him and of other forum members.

I will close with this: I did receive the Doxa 600T orange watch and it is the special edition with the “Dirk Pitt” language inside the face. Although I own a number of watches, I have never had more positive comments about any of my other watches combined as compared to the number of positive comments I have received on my Doxa. Furthermore, the craftsmanship of the Doxa watch is excellent and it does not seem to lose or gain minutes like other automatic watches that I own.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the update. When I saw the google search result with a negative on Doxa, it initially startled me as there are so many glowing comments about the watch and the people behind the product/company. I'm happy to know it all worked out. I'm sure they are in better shape 2009 than in 2005...I am ready to acquire a Doxa and thought the post would scare me away - not any more. Thanks!