Sunday, December 04, 2005


Promonet has thousands of albums from tons of bands from all of the world.  From the site:

PROMONET is a new promotional music distribution network from IODA—the Independent Online Distribution Alliance. IODA is the leading digital distributor of independent music, helping over 750 labels of all sizes and style distribute their music to digital music stores all over the world.

Independent labels make up over 25% of the global music market. They have long been the breeding ground of trailblazing artists responsible for most movements and trends. Now you can do your part to support this world of indie music—the best music there is—by spreading the word. Whether you're a podcaster, blogger, or zine, a music supervisor, marketing/ad agency, or a digital music service, Promonet can hook you up with over 10,000 promotional mp3 tracks from a diverse catalog of more than 20,000 albums by over 6,000 artists.

We provide the music and info. You help get it out there...

Together we can change the music world.


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