Thursday, December 01, 2005

An online iTunes locker

The founder and original CEO of, Michael Robertson, brings back the online music service provider model that he had tried and gotten sued for at (I’ve previously written about the service I loved here and wrote about Robertson’s new project here before it was launched). is the address for Robertson’s new service that allows you to store all of your music files online; it is also compatible with iTunes, so you can back up your entire library and all of your playlists as well.  Unlike the service that only required you to insert a CD before you gained access to tracks online, MP3Tunes requires the upload of files that you have in your possession.  The MP3Tunes storage site is called a “locker” and is fully compatible inside of iTunes.  Once your music is loaded to MP3Tunes, you can do several things with it:

  • Listen to it online from any browser — 56kbps stream for the free service or 128kbps stream if you pay $39.95 yearly
  • Sync your library from your locker to any device if you pay the yearly fee
  • Back-up playlists and create new playlists online

See the registration page for a more thorough feature list and for the differences between the free service and paid service.

I’m damn excited about this service and will probably sign up for a premium account tonight so that I can start filling up my locker.  Just like my previous post about the iPhoto Flickr extension, I would pay the yearly if for no other reason than to have an independent back-up.



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