Wednesday, March 31, 2004

BlogRoll change

You may not have noticed, but to clean up the right side of the screen, I have simply added a link that allows you to see all of the blogs I monitor via BlogLines. Not only does this make the site a little more tight, but allows you to view all of the sources that I read every day; you can even export my list of blogs and import it into your own BlogLines account (yes, they are free) if you so choose.

I've been experimenting with different news aggregators, and I've found that BlogLines is the best free service right now, especially when I travel. Coming in at a close second was NewsGator which costs $15 and integrates with MS Outlook. What I didn't like about NewsGator was that it required Outlook to run -- I don't always have access to my computer running Outlook, but I can almost always find web access somewhere.

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