Monday, March 15, 2004


Onfolio Publisher is a new piece of software that "bolts on" to Internet Explorer. It seems to be targeted towards people the do a fair amount of web research, but seems to have some very cool features.

The software essentially performs three activities:

1. Collect information while you are browsing. This information includes hyperlinks (ala your standard Favorites options), but also gives you the ability to store a copy of the web page directly to your hard drive. Furthermore, you can collect text snippets, screen shots, PDF's, pictures, etc.

2. Organize the data that you collect. Everything that you collect is categorized in cascading folders (i.e., major topic, sub topic, sub-sub topic, etc.)

3. Share the stuff you collect. This is the coolest part about the software. The software actually allows you to put together detailed reports, publish websites, or create RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from the information you collect.

All in all this seems like a very useful product, but I haven't tested it for that long. I've yet to find any real bugs, and the user interface is very straightforward. I like the automated report building as it allows the sharing of information very easily, especially for projects within the organization (and the website function is as easy to use). For many users (especially those producing news, blogs, etc.), the RSS functionality is very cool. Price is about $30 and seems well worth it if it's something you actually would use.

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