Monday, March 15, 2004

Microsoft Techjobs Blog points to the Microsoft Technical Careers Blog. This is (but should it be?) a somewhat novel approach for attracting applicants and communicating to potential employees.

What is the point of the blog? They, of course, have an answer:

"Our intended audience is anyone interested in learning more about Microsoft technologies and career opportunities, but we are most focused on reaching out to those who are industry professionals and interested in pursuing technical/engineering roles at Microsoft. (We are not trying to exclude you college students, but we have a fabulous College Recruiting Team already doing a lot great work in this space.)

Our goal is to not only educate you on happenings, new technologies, and best practices at Microsoft but also put a “face” to Microsoft Recruiting. We promise we aren’t a black hole! You are encouraged to contact any of the recruiters you see profiled on this blog, and we promise to respect confidentiality and privacy."

Already there have been some interesting entries on the blog regarding tools that they use to locate talent (i.e., a talent locator search engine called Eliyon). Check out the site if you want a job with Microsoft or even if you don't (who knows, you might not know that you do). If for no other reason, check out how blogging is being leveraged by a HR department to attract talent.

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