Friday, March 05, 2004

Get rid of all those credit cards

According to an article on Wired, a company called Chameleon Network is manufacturing a device that will allow you to get rid of all those credit cards that you are currently carrying around. Essentially, Chameleon is producing a device that allows you to read in all of your existing credit cards, customer loyalty cards, etc. and re-write that data as needed to a single reprogrammable card. The piece of hardware for accomplishing this task is supposed to be relatively small and is protected by a biometric fingerprint identification system -- the hardware will not even power up if the incorrect fingerprint is pressed against the reader. The device may be in stores as early as January of 2005 and price point is expected to be around $200. The company is also working on building Radio Frequecy ID (RFID) support into the device so that users can use the device for their prox cards to enter buildings, parking garages, etc. and use RFID for applications such as the Mobil SpeedPass.

Here's a picture of the device:

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