Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Concept Apple products

Seth Godin pointed out this really cool concept Apple iPod speaker system, pointing out that "Apple is a fashion company Not a computer company. The Free Prize has nothing at all to do with how fast the Excel spreadsheet gets crunched or how bright the screen is."

I found a different version of the image Seth found on Applele.com and have included it below:

See my earlier post today about Seth's upcoming book entitled "Free Prize Inside." Dreamers and visionaries like this person in Japan are the reason that Apple products wind up in art museums -- form, beauty, simplicity, and functionality (this carries through all the way to the design of the packaging). One of the greatest after-effects of awesome Apple design is that aftermarket vendors try so hard to emulate and flow with the product. Take a look at the accessories page on Apple.com -- the designs there are another Free Prize (pay attention to the inMotion speakers and compare them to the picture above).

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