Monday, March 01, 2004

It's that Tom Peters' "Women's Thing"

Ok that's not entirely what the article in this month's Fast Company is about, but there's enough in there about baby boomers and women that I would strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of Tom Peters' Re-Imagine!.

Read the article listed above. Read the book I've suggested. Think about these issues long and hard.

From the article:

"The 40-plus age group is now 45% bigger than the 18-to-39 group and will be 60% bigger by 2010."

Add it all up, and by 2010, spending by people 40 and older will be 'a trillion dollars greater than spending by people between the ages of 18 and 34--$2.6 trillion versus $1.6 trillion'

And the folks wielding the turbocharged wallets are most often women.

From Tom Peters' Re-Imagine!:

"American women constitute 43% of Americans with a net worth of $500,000 or more; said women significantly influence 75% of financial decisions."

"As of the first quarter of 2000, more women than men were using the web; 6 out of every ten new web users were women."

. . . and perhaps the best summation: "TRILLION$$$"

Baby boomers and women. Big, big deals. The question I always ask is if there are so many people (Tom Peters, Fast Company) spoon-feeding us the facts about these groups, how come we still aren't getting it?

This stuff keeps me awake at night. "Yeah sure it does," you might say skeptically. I would refer you to the last quote in the Tom Peters section above (and that's just about women) -- I'll take a small (or very large) slice out of trillions of dollars any way I can think of . . .

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