Monday, March 15, 2004

More off-shoring

Another article on Businessweek, but this article has unique twist -- the person writing the article is off-shoring his movie. That's right, his movie. He will be filming at least half of his movie in Bollywood, India's Hollywood.

From the article:

"The point of all this is that the current view of outsourcing and resulting job loss is simplistic and binary. The economies of the world are now interlinked more tightly than ever before. Witness my film and my story. A child of India, immigrates to America from Australia, where he has been educated, starts a technology company and invests his own money to employ Americans. When I was growing up in Canberra, the Australian capital, such a trajectory would have been nearly unimaginable. Foreigners didn't start technology companies in the U.S. Today, it's an old story. In fact, the story today is that I am involved in making a movie in India. And the technology company that I started is now expanding rapidly and is looking for more employees in the US."

As I have stated before, off-shoring is inevitable, and it's really not all that new. I like the definition of the view on outsourcing/off-shoring being ". . .simplistic and binary . . ."

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