Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Free Prize Inside

That's the name of Seth Godin's forthcoming book. I would strongly suggest that you go to Amazon and pre-order. Now why would I say that without even having read the book myself?

Here are a few reasons:

1. Seth Godin consistently produces great marketing books.
2. Even if you're not in your company's "Marketing Department" (we're all in marketing in some way, aren't we?), I guarantee that this book will be useful to you as all of Seth's past books have been.
3. If you get in on the first production run, you will receive your book in some very cool packaging. The last book I ordered, Purple Cow came in a custom-made milk carton. I've still got the packaging sitting on the top of my bookshelf to encourage me to think outside the box.
4. It just sounds interesting and appropriate for marketing right now.
5. Seth (unlike other well-known business authors) actually responds to e-mails you send him (provded you are not contacting him with an ulterior motive).
6. And most importantly, you are dying to know what "edgecraft" means.

Here's an excerpt from the editorial review on Amazon.com:

"It's a fun guide to doing innovative marketing that really works when the traditional approaches have all stopped working. Thirty years ago, the best way to sell something was to advertise it on television. But today's consumers are cynical, and your product or service had better be more than just hype and clever advertising. Even better, it ought to come with a market-changing innovation a free prize inside.

You don't have to spend a fortune to create something cool that virtually sells itself. Think of simple but powerful innovations like the Tupperware party, Flintstones vitamins, G.I. Joe (a doll just for boys), Lucille Roberts (a gym just for women), and frequent flier miles. Free Prize Inside will teach you how to create those kinds of blockbusters at your own company without a bunch of MBA-brainwashed marketers. You don't have to be a genius, you just need curiosity, initiative, and a strategy for overcoming resistance when you champion your idea.

We're all marketers now, no matter what our job titles. With Godin's help, we can find the free prize that will transform our companies."

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