Thursday, January 12, 2006

30 Boxes

As the name implies, 30 Boxes is a web calendar client.  Currently 30 Boxes is in beta, but Om Malik posted some information about it, stating:

. . . it is safe to say 30 Boxes will be to calendars what GMail was to Email.

If I get a beta invite, I’ll post more information; for now, go read Malik’s post.


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pbh said...

Hope you'll trial AirSet alongside 30 Boxes or anybody else in the category (full disclosure: I work with AirSet).

AirSet lets you to manage all your scheduling and life management from one place. Share calendars, contacts, lists, blogs and weblinks with your important groups. All for free. Plus...

* Syncs with Outlook & Palm, has email & SMS alerts, RSS feeds, integrates with Skype, etc..

* We also just rolled out our first phone client (with Verizon) that enables you to manage your AirSet data from your mobile phone too. This requires a monthly fee but is a purely optional service.

Hope you'll check AirSet out.

-- Patrick Hurley, Airena Inc.