Monday, January 23, 2006

Post dump

So many things to write about, so little time:

  • All kinds of Web 2.0 goodness from TechCrunch:
    • Top 10 Sources, which is a blog index that is edited by humans.  Pretty good stuff on here, but it’s causing a controversy by fully copying blog posts.
    • BillMonk — keeps track of IOUs between friends with all kinds of fun notification features like e-mail and SMS.  Lots of built-in intelligence that allows you to fully track what people owe you (an, of course, what you owe others).
    • bluepulse — the “meebo of cell phones”.  Enough said.
    • FeedXS, which goes straight to the core of RSS as a simple syndication method.  It’s easier to see than to describe, so take a look.
    • nuvvo allows educators to create courses with Ajax.  In addition, there is a payment engine that allows educators to charge students for courses.  Further modules allow educators to create tests, post grades, etc. — all the things you would expect from an online education engine.  Interesting stuff.
  • Tom Peters Wire Service reports on Adam Kalkin’s push-button house that essentially involves a shipping container with motorized walls that fold down to reveal an amazing interior.  I think that this even cooler than some of the fold-out semi trailers that I’ve seen and it’s much more ADA-accessible.
  • HispanicTrending reports that Busch series car racing in Mexico City is becoming more and more popular in Mexico and is creating opportunities for more and more Mexican drivers.
  • the[non]billable hour provides a list of all kinds of things that companies and people have given away for free and how that has resulted in increased sales.
  • TabletPCTalkNews provides instructions on how to boot your computer without a CD drive.  This is great for users of tablets and other computers that do not come with CD drives built-in.
  • Bleezer is a free blog authoring application that works equally well on Mac, Windows, and Linux.  I haven’t switched over yet, but I will within the next month.
  • Nokia is testing running a web server on a phone.  I’m not sure why this is practical, but I guess it’s cool to conceive of.
  • Yahoo Local Maps are providing traffic reports.  I’m guessing this will shortly be available on Google Maps.
  • I loved the bathroom pictures in the men’s room at a hotel when I first saw them, but Steve’s Nude Memphis blog has re-posted the picture to make it easy to find.
  • On Thinking By Peter Davidson there is a post that details the GoGoKidz TravelMate that is no much more than a luggage carrier specifically made for child seats.  For those that have had to travel with a car seat in the airport, this is a great thing.

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