Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I work with a lot of contracts in my business, so I am especially intrigued by EchoSign.  Essentially EchoSign seeks to make the contract signature process electronic, getting rid of multiple paper versions of contract.  Furthermore, they seem to have built in signature control (i.e., who needs to sign first), which is especially important for many of my contracts.  Essentially EchoSign uses a combination of e-mail and fax to retain signed copies of agreements in a digital format; it also looks like you get an online agreement storage account as well to store your agreements online.

The service is currently free and there does not seem to be any pricing information on the site.  I looked at the Privacy Policy and it doesn’t seem that EchoSign can use any of the scanned information.

Pretty interesting, I might have to try it out.  I imagine this would be a very useful thing for real estate agents and mortgage brokers.


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