Sunday, January 29, 2006


I just ran across NewsAlloy, which is an AJAX-powered newsreader.  In order to test the functionality, I signed up for an account.  The interface is great and somewhat reminiscent of Bloglines, but because everything is AJAX, I don’t have to wait for full screen or site reloads.

I exported my subscriptions from Bloglines (to do this, click on “Edit” in the left window, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Export Subscriptions”, a new window will launch with the OPML file, and go to “File” and then “Save” and make sure that the file is saved as a complete XML file with an XML extension) and then tried to import it into NewsAlloy.  Unfortunately, although the OPML file was verified as valid, the subscriptions did not import — of course, I think that the whole NewsAlloy site took a big crap during my import process because now I can’t even get any of the site to load.

I’ll keep you updated on my further experiences, but it looks like I may have found a replacement for Bloglines.


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