Monday, January 30, 2006


SRQ means “Self Reference Quotient” and is defined as this:

. . . the blogger tendency to self reference

I had never read the term before reading it on Shawn Conahan’s blog, so I can honestly say that I cannot self reference back to one of my previous posts.

Shawn has some strong opinions about self referencing:

Let me say now that although you feel smart when you reference yourself, you actually seem lame to whomever you are quoting yourself, particularly when you are quoting your blog. Think about what you are doing when you refer to a blog post you made last month: You are asserting that you could find no more worthy source to quote than yourself, which makes you appear either dubiously confident or too eager to establish your position as a valuable source.

Additionally, Shawn questions whether your SRQ is inversely proportional to your IQ.

Please note that Shawn self-references himself in his post about SRQ and I have not self referenced myself in referencing Shawn’s post about SRQ, meaning that, perhaps, my IQ has taken a slight leap forward.

Go and read Shawn’s whole post as SRQ is just a small part of it.


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Anonymous said...

Unless self referencing adds value to your current article by providing background to your current post. Then it would be NSSR or non-source self referencing.