Monday, January 30, 2006


While I’m waiting for 30 Boxes to launch, I’m playing around with spongecell for comparison purposes.  I certainly like the statement on their main page:

Spongecell is a new kind of calendar for you and your friends.  We are focused on making it the most usable calendar in the ocean.

My initial impression is that spongecell is pretty cool — to be honest, I’ve only played with it for about 5 minutes.  The function I immediately checked was the import function: I can import iCalendar files with no problem, which is a format I can export my Outlook calendar to, but spongecell does not yet handle recurring events.  What I’m really looking for is some sort of conduit that allows real-time sync to their service from my Outlook calendar, with the ability to tag calendar events not to be displayed on the web service.  Plaxo currently had a conduit to my Outlook calendar, but does not allow me to share it and so does not allow tagging because it’s not required.

Whichever service comes out with the Outlook conduit will probably be the one that I use.


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