Sunday, January 29, 2006

Flipping the Funnel

Flipping the Funnel is a new e-book by Seth Godin about how Web 2.0 can be combined with Ideaviruses and Purple Cows.  If you visit the link below for Seth’s post, you will find the companies version of Flipping the Funnel as well as a version for politicians and a version for non-profits.

Here’s a very small preview from the e-book:

Marketing is a funnel. You put undifferentiated prospects into the top. Some of them hop out, unimpressed with what you have to offer. Others learn about you and your organization, hear from their peers, compare offerings, and eventually come out the bottom, as customers.

What if we flip the funnel and turn it into a megaphone?

What if you could figure out how to use the Internet to empower the people who like you, who respect you, who have a vested interest in your success? I call this group of people—your friends and prospects and customers who are willing to do this—your fan club.

As with all of Seth’s e-books, you can freely download the e-book, post the e-book on your site for distribution, and/or e-mail the e-book to anyone (you just can’t change it or charge for it).

Link — Download Company Version Immediately

Link — Seth’s full post with education and non-profit versions

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