Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Are Bluetooth headsets finally getting to be the right form factor

I ranted in March of 2005 about how damn ugly Bluetooth headsets are.  Although I have seen some headsets that are smaller since then, everyone using one still looks like a cyborg.  I was surprised (happily) to see this Bluetooth headset from Motorola on Engadget:

Although I’d like to see a picture of this thing on someone’s head, it seems to be going the right direction.  As would be expected, without the boom mic, the device picks up your voice from inside your ear canal; this tends to work better in noisier environments than a boom microphone unless the boom is specifically noise cancelling.

This is supposed to be out sometime in early 2006 and there is not pricing detail yet.  As with any speaker you stuff in your ear, please read my views.

Link — Engadget post

Link — Motorola product details

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