Monday, January 09, 2006


Ok, here’s what Guy Kawasaki’s DICEE means:

  • Deep.  It’s not just the window dressing, the whole damn thing works and anticipates what you need.
  • Indulgent.  It’s luxurious and special and rewarding all at the same time.
  • Complete.  Every part of it is important, not just the “it.”
  • Elegant.  It works how you think it should work.
  • Emotive.  It is a call to action and creates an emotional attachment.

So exactly what is “it” that Guy is talking about?  “It” is the product.  Product is a broad word.  A service can be a product if you work somewhere that does not produce widgets.  You might be “it” — brand you, Wow! projects.  Use DICEE to evaluate all of the “its” that you are involved with.


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