Monday, January 02, 2006

Mobilizing/WAPing my blog

Here’s what I did as a permanent solution:

These tools seem to work better to actually use on a WAP device and can be used by readers on the WAP side to view feeds or sites and/or authors on the non-WAP side to create WAP-compatible site/feed links:

  •  Didn’t work with my Feedburner feed, but worked with my Feedster feed.
  • PHONifier.  That worked — here’s the link.  This is mobilizing my site, not my feed
  • Skweezer.  That worked too — here’s the link.  This is mobilizing my main site, not my feed.
  • IYHY.  Looked the best of a;; those above, but mobilizes the site, not the feed — here’s the link.

These tools allow the reader to easily mobilize someone else’s feeds:

  • Lifefeeds.  Works much like Bloglines Mobile (see below), but requires the install of a Lifefeeds Reader — lots of platforms supported, including Blackberry.  I’m not a big fan of having to install an application.
  • Bloglines Mobile.  Probably the best way to view feeds regardless of feed type; everything I read on my computer I can read on my mobile — I can even designate certain feeds not to appear on my mobile.  Doesn’t solve for mobilizing non-feed sites, and may not be the best option if you don’t use Bloglines, but I like it.  I’m sure Bloglines competitors have similar offerings.

One tool that seems cool, but I don’t have a phone it works with:

  • Semacode.  Essentially I can make a barcode that links to my Winksite that someone with a cell phone with a camera (that happens to be on the very limited list of supported phones) and Semacode software can take a picture of and link through to the WAP site.  This seems like a really cool thing, especially to put on a business card, but I don’t think adoption and compatibility are high enough to justify its use.

Hey Scoble, I read your 2006 wish!  Are these enough ways to get my site on you mobile?

Hat tip to Steve Rubel for some of the links.


Anonymous said...

Skweezer transcodes RSS by default. Just plug in the URI to your feed.

Anonymous said...

Also make sure to add mobifying your site to this list: