Sunday, January 15, 2006

Load Windows XP before you log in

BrainFuel provides the full details on how to do this and I’ve linked to the post below.

Allow me to explain why this is useful:

  • It is only useful if you use the Windows secure login; if you don’t use secure login, then this is not for you.  Secure login is when you have to press ctrl-alt-delete to login, so if you just lick a pretty icon to get to your desktop, you are not using secure login.
  • If when you login to Windows you set there for a minute or more waiting for your background and applications to appear, then this is for you.  My machine at home loads in less than a minute, so I would not apply this to my machine.
  • If you use a machine in a corporate environment where they push a bunch of policy, scripts, etc. during login and it causes you to wait several minutes before you can see your desktop and/or use your machine, this is for you.  Be aware that your network administrator may not be super-stoked about you applying this method to a company machine and you may potentially be violating your company's usage policy.

Note that the methods described in the post direct you to download a .reg file to merge into your computer — for many users this might be ok, but for those in a corporate environment or those that have already made many changes to their .reg file, you should follow the alternate instructions on how to use regedit to change your .reg file yourself.  Should you choose to regedit yourself, be aware that you can do big-time damage to your machine if you do it incorrectly.


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