Monday, January 02, 2006


Ok, I had a little trouble figuring out what exactly it is that ScanR does initially, but here’s the deal:

Take a picture of a document or whiteboard with a 1MP or better camera phone and e-mail it to ScanR; ScanR will send you back, via e-mail, a PDF of what you took a picture of or you can send what you took a picture of as a fax.

Looking at the examples on their site, it appears that ScanR performs some re-touching and general cleaning up of what you take a picture of to make it look more like an actual scan.  I guess if it works as advertised, this could be a pretty cool service.

I guess if I think about it a little more, I could use this for far more things than just business — wine labels, book covers, magazine articles, etc.  Obviously, the higher the resolution of the camera on the phone, the better the “scan” will look.

You can try the service for free and there does not seem to be any information on a pricing model on the site.

My Treo has a 1.2MP camera, so perhaps I’ll give it a try.


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